Tips For A Family Adventure Holiday

The parks are enormous, the mountains and canyons are high, the forests are lush and inviting and the skies are big. What better way to enjoy adventure travel in the midst of nature than with your family in a recreational vehicle? Get your motorhome running and explore the matchless grandeur of the National Parks of the Canadian and American West. The Grand Canyon, the Beartooth Highway to Yellowstone, the Bryce Canyons – these and more await you on your motorhome road trips.

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The Basics of Planning RV Road Trips

Seasonal motorhome travelers will tell you there are some essentials you have to prepare before a recreational vehicles holiday. Planning your itinerary is half the fun. But a checklist of the smaller, more boring details will keep you inspired as the trip draws near, and also save you a lot of work. Also be realistic about your driving goals and the timeline you’re allowing yourself to get to your destination. Don’t feel pressured to keep driving to the point of exhaustion, and forget to make memories. It’s a good idea to take along some way to record your adventures. Photos and videos are good, and you can record the silly and funny moments from the trip to enjoy years later.

Ensuring Your Family Has Fun

If you’re taking your family along, there may also be a certain amount of chaos and little upsets when you’re enclosed in a caravan on a long road trip. That’s why you need to have the goal for your trip in mind, and allow a little leeway for less-than-perfect behavior from the kids. If your kids are less than excited about a road trip, don’t feel hurt or angered by what you see as ingratitude. Remember that each family has their own likes and dislikes. If they’re less-than-thrilled about the road trip, and then be sure to factor in some activities on the way that will appeal to them. If your youngest loves to hike while your oldest prefers museums, then you need to make sure you plan a balanced trip in which there’s something for everyone.

Preparing Your RV

While RV maintenance throughout the year is good practice and can save you hundreds of dollars, special inspection is needed before a road trip. Be sure to open the hood and check the engine for split hoses and check the oil level. Take it to a mechanic if you have doubts. Check the water heater compartment and other cabinets for mud dauber nests. Clean out the holding tank. Make sure the vents on the roof are closed and the TV antenna is down. Consider a remote thermometer for your refrigerator. Check your tire pressure and treads. Check all your batteries ensure all appliances are in working order and make sure all the cabinets and drawers close properly. If you’ve regularly inspected your RV throughout the year, you shouldn’t have too many major repairs to carry out just before a trip.

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When your planning’s done and your RV’s all ready to go, you can begin food packing. That’s a whole new story altogether, but home-cooked meals are the best on RV adventure holidays. A good tip is to plan each day’s meal and pack accordingly so you don’t miss out anything. With the blue skies and wilderness parks of summer drawing you, you can now set off on your adventure holiday and hope to make great memories.